The Scientific Reasons Behind Why are Women So Emotional?

Why are Women So Emotional

Have you ever been annoyed by how emotional women are or can be? Well! If yes, then you are not at all alone in that case. Honestly, you will never be able to escape our moodiness and reasons are here behind Why are Women So Emotional.

I will be the first woman to admit it openly that women are ridiculously sensitive. For countless times, I have been broken down completely. Sobbing about something not worth my time to worry about!

While watching any sad movie that exists has always brought me to tears, as I couldn’t get a hold over my emotions. And it is not just about me, almost every woman out there are emotional anyway or the other. 

But Why are Women So Emotional and why men should give emotional women a break?

Here are some of the scientific reason behind Why are Women So Emotional:

Why are Women So Emotional

#1. We are raised like that, for instance, I am raised in a big family with many siblings. Honestly, I am an emotional person without a doubt. I was taught that my actions could affect other individuals and to care about other’s sentiments. Hence, it made me a lot more empathetic.

#2. Estrogen is a type of hormone present within every women’s body and is the result of their fluctuating emotions. With the amount of estrogen production, the emotional level increases or decreases. I can even start weeping just by looking at a puppy.

#3. Believe it or not, but we women are always empathetic, and it is in our blood. Women are the caretakers of the family. They are the one to cook, clean and also look after the children and they are doing these since long while their husbands are away.

#4. The next thing is our Morals. We are raised with some morals that are different from the others or the male society. It can cause us being more emotional at sometimes. Those who have higher morals and believe people should treat each other a certain way can feel more empathy than those not sharing those same morals. Maybe women are so emotional because we believe in different things than men do.

#5. We are quite insecure, and this happens due to the societal pressure that is put on the woman just to be perfect and show something that we are not in reality. It develops some self-esteem issues that we try to hide from everyone even from ourselves.

But can we hide them forever? The fear, anxiety will come out big one day and will explode. The sad part, our boyfriends can say only one little thing, setting us off if these feelings have been brewing for a long time. We often won’t admit the reason we got so mad is that we feel insecure.

#6. Do you know more than 45% of the women suffers from mental illness where the percentage of men is quite lesser than that? Why do yo think they are so emotional? When you are thinking about that specific woman is being so emotional, who knows she is suffering from a mental illness episode. Her mental illness can cause a fluctuation of her emotions.

So these are some of the scientific reason behind Why are Women So Emotional. While you must be thinking that women tend to emotional to get a lot of attention, then I would suggest you go through this scientific reasons before judging, and I am sure you will understand Why are Women So Emotional.


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