5 Awesome Ways To Make A Girl Blush

5 Awesome Ways To Make A Girl Blush

Do you love a girl with all your heart? If yes, then nothing can be better than seeing your girl blush. Without any doubt, there can be nothing better for a girl than watching a girl trying to control her smile while her face flushed red. If you really love her, then it is a heavenly feeling to see your girl turning red with romantic feeling and not with anger. It is a difficult task to perform, and yes it all needs a lot of practice as well. So do you want to make her blush and see her lovely, magically beautiful face? If yes, then here are some ways to make a girl blush.


If you are not a pro in making a girl blush, then you need to know certain things on how to make a girl blush. You should be aware that there should be certain limits that shouldn’t be crossed if you are not allowed to. And to judge which limits you can cross and at what moment, then here are few things you need to know and ask yourself.

Your Relationship Status:

The first and the foremost thing you should know is about your relationship status. To know this, you should ask yourself certain questions such as- did you guys just met? Are you guys class mates or colleagues? Do you know each other from the kinder garden? The reason behind knowing your relationship status depends with what limits should you cross and what not. You shouldn’t comment anything about her family if you two met just now.

Your Comfort Level:

The next thing that you should consider is the comfort level. Comfort level is not directly related to when you guys met. If you guys met just now and still laughing and giggling together, then you guys are comfortable with each other. Sometimes, we get comfortable with strangers with similar mentalities.However, I still advise against crossing family boundaries, but other limits like talking about her work and teasing her a little are allowed. 

When To Stop:

This is the most important out of all. Knowing when to stop is the key to everything. You should know when to stop as if you cross any limits; then it might ruin everything.

Don’t Be Offensive:

Last but not the least, don’t be offensive while trying to make a girl blush. Avoid the subject politics in front of a girl at least when you want to make her blush.


Now once you understand when to cross your limits and when not, it will get easier for you to make a girl blush. So without further delay, let’s start with how to make a girl blush.


A beautiful smile is a potent tool. You can use your smiling power to make someone happy, jealous and even angry as I said, it is a potent and versatile tool. You smile, or the way you smile can surely make her blush. For instance, smile while walking with each other, give a simple smile with a wink. However, the best part is to smile while you are talking with her and that might make her feel shy.

Eye Contact:

What can better than an eye contact. You must have heard about “Love at First Sight” isn’t it? Well! Sometimes it takes an intense eye contact to make her blush. Look at her eyes while you two are having a conversation and then hold it for some time and then look away smiling. You should repeat this for a couple of times, and this will surely make her blush. 🙂


Well! It is known that there are girls who don’t like surprises. However, here I am not talking about that kind of surprises rather simple ones can wonders. For say, bring her flowers and say “Thank you for your patience”. You will immediately notice a broad smile on her face as she is blushing. 

Light Teasing:

What can be better than teasing a girl slightly to make her blush? You can surely make a girl blush just by teasing her lightly. It is one of the cutest things that is liked by almost all the women. However, you need to keep in mind about the limits as you shouldn’t cross your limitations at any cost. 

Physical Touch:

One of the best and assured way to make a girl blush is to touch her physically. However, for this to work you need to know that she wouldn’t mind it. The truth is when using physical touch to make her blush is a bit risky. You need to be certain about some of the question asked before about your comfort level and your relationship status.

Making a girl blush is the best thing you can do, and it will, as a result, make her fall for you more. So follow these tips and tricks, and I bet you will be able to make her blush quickly. 

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