How To Understand Your Wife- Top 14 Tips!

Understand Your Wife

“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.” Sometimes it gets really hard to understand your wife. There are certain moments in your relationship where you have no clue about what she is saying. You noticed her emotions but still, you are unable to get her. Dear husbands it is the high time to decide what your wife is trying to convey. It is not such a difficult task to comprehend her condition. They are also human beings, though some complicated ones once you understand your wife you will experience a new oomph in your marriage.

Therefore, for all the married men out there who thought it is a tougher task to understand your wife; this post is the key for decoding your wife’s emotion.

Understand Your Wife with love

Top 14 Tips On How To Understand Your Wife:

#1. Reciprocate to her feelings

Take your wife’s emotions very seriously. They are constantly trying to convey one or the other thing. Use them as hints to sort out issues in her life rather than squelching them.

#2. Be a good listener

It is very important for both the partners to be an active listener. But if you think your wife is going through an emotional trauma or some serious issue is troubling her, try and talk to her. Listen to her problems carefully. Allow her to dump out all her trash, which is irking in her mind from so long. She should know that you value her. Your assurance and opinion will act as great consolidators to your wife.

Remember to give your wife an undivided attention. Nothing should distract you both. Make a direct contact with her. Nod constantly while she is speaking. Repeat certain points and keywords just make her sure that you have listened to her correctly.   

#3. Help her throughout 

Women tend to speak up only through verbalizing their thoughts aloud. Know that your wife is in need of your affirmation, not your advice. Thus, be there for consolidation not for advising. Allow her to solve her issues on her own.

Sit in front of her and listen to what she is saying. Learn to be a good listener. One way in which you can help her out is by helping her in the process of discovering a solution. You could put up questions like, “what have you thought to do about it?” “how will you do it?” and so on.

A piece of advice: your wife is already irritated and frustrated so do not go on asking questions. This will annoy her and you both might end up fighting.

#4. Communicate with her on daily basis

Communication is another important element in a relation. Share every bit of your daily routine with her. Discuss your friends, work, travel, etc. do not hold back anything from your better half.

Also, ask about her day. This process will help you both in understanding each other better and if something is troubling then you can discuss it together.

#5. Understand her hormonal changes

If your wife is, experiencing extreme mood swings then try to understand that she is undergoing hormonal changes. This might also be the reason of her constant changing emotions.

Try to be considerate and gentle enough to tackle these monthly changes. Deal wisely with your wife at this time. Maybe you could hug her and sleep or buy chocolates for her. Through your these sweet little gestures she will overcome her hormonal changes swiftly and love you even more than before.

#6. Make her your priority

It is essential to understand your wife as your life partner. She will be the only one to stand in your thick and thin. In reverse, she wants the same from you. Everyone wants to be the top priority of her husband. She wants her husband to pay attention towards her minuscule changes. Therefore, in order to understand your wife more deeply never give extreme importance to work that you forget her. Reserve some energy and time for your wife at the end of each day. You can also surprise her by coming home early.

#7. Be her bestie before her hubby

More than a husband try to become her best friend. A friend figure will help in making her comfortable with you. Take out some time for her to her female friend. Call her when you are at your workplace, this will make her feel protected and assured of someone special in her life. Someone on whom she can count upon. Friendship bonds bring emotional resilience for women.

#8. Make her follow her passion

Understand you wife and her passions. Talk to her about her future in a positive light. It is very difficult for a woman to leave her dreams and move in with you. Help her recklessly to follow her dreams. In fact, you should share your dreams and desires with her she will help you to achieve them. a perfect couple is the one who pushes each other to fulfill their dreams and reach new heights.

#9. Love her unconditionally

Make her feel every day that you are there for her. Let her know how much you are in love with her. Shower your unconditional love by surprising her with sudden dinner plans, night outs, gifts and everything else you can think of.

Start investing your efforts and time to learn what your wife considers romantic. Do those things on daily basis. This pursues in romance from your side will make her comfortable with you. She will share her problems with you. And in this will you will surely understand your wife to a greater extent.

#10. Never force her for intimacy especially when you have children

There might be chances when you want your wife physically. And there is a probability of your wife denying for having sex. Never argue with your wife for having sex. Especially if she is nurturing your children. Know her position. She is clawed at every single moment of the day. If you are having small children then it is frustrating for her to bear anymore human touch than those tiny beasts.

Remember that this will not last once that period of nurturing is over she will be there for you. It is not personal it is not about you both it is about your children. They need time and care of their mother. Instead, you should help her by taking responsibilities of the children and let her relax for a couple of hours. These type of actions of yours will assure her that these children belong to both of you not only to hers.

#11. Devote your time to your family after office

Now once you back home keep your phone down. Give your time to your wife and children. Show them that you care for them and they are important for you. It is difficult to come back home tired and do parenting. But your family deserves your time and attention.

#12. Be affectionate but not in a sexual way

Understand your wife and her tiresome state due to her daily routine. Your sexual touches might make her feel like used. Thus, it is important to nurture her in ways like cuddling with her in bed, holding her hands, kissing her forehead, giving a relaxing massage and so on. By these constant nonsexual touches, she will feel comfortable and relaxed. Also with this regular habit, she will become more sexually responsive to your affection and care.

#13. Pray with her

Make it a regular to pray with your wife and if possible with your children too. This binds the family and the couple spiritually. Whenever she is in a problem pray for her. She will get extremely happy to see you this way and automatically she will gather her spirits to solve her problem.

#14. Don’t forget to thank her

If your wife is working then understand that working and parenting for her is a difficult task. Understand your wife  and thank her for everything she is doing.

There are certain days when she has not received any appraisal at work or her boss must have criticized her. In these tough days of hers remain with her. If she has cut the hot dog, improperly do not shout at her or if she has given waffles for breakfast instead of your healthy one do not indulge in a fight with her.

You are the one who connects a wire and does something productive to make her feel good but by shouting and fighting will make her feel frustrated. She will not be able to concentrate on her work or at home. Therefore, for a stronger relation thank her for everything she does for you and children.

Final Words:

These tips will surely help to understand your wife  in a much better way. Your constant care and nurture for her will keep her spirits high to tackle her every coming day. Respect her and make her feel equal to yourself.

Remember, a wonderful way towards your woman will make each day worth living together. 

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