5 Tried-And-True ForeplayTips to Turn Him On

5 Tried-And-True ForeplayTips to Turn Him On

Do you find your sexual life boring and monotonous? Well! It will be so if you actually don’t find Tips to Turn Him On. No worries! Here are some of the amazing tips to turn him on immediately and he will find his own ways to do the same for you in return.

Almost in all the relationship, the starting seems to be excellent and exciting and a high turn on point.

In the beginning, it is like unwrapping a new present every day, and you can’t hold your nerves to see each other.

However, with the passing days, things start getting monotonous, and activities like sex or physical intimation can become a weekly chore.

Now it is entirely upon you whether you want to change it or not. So do you want to bring back that excitement? If yes, then here are the best Tips to Turn Him On and bring back the magic into lovemaking.

5 Tips to Turn Him On

You must have tried your hands with enticing layers of sexy lingerie and all other closets, but it might not have worked out every time.

Sometimes, you really need to understand the male psyche in order to let them chase you all around the house.

Guys love to be chased after too, be complimented, and once in a while, even leered at.

Try these 5 surefire ways to turn him on!

#1. Talk Dirty

If you want to know about my favorite foreplay tip to make my man chase me throughout the day and until we both are alone together is to “Talk Dirty.”

It helps to build the sexual tension or attraction whatever you want to say. It will make your man salivating for you like seriously. Wondering what you should say? Well! Just tell him what you enjoy, what makes you turn on, throw some vague statement as well.

#2. Learn how to use your hands

Kissing your man is not enough if you seriously want to turn on your man. Giving a nice and sexy massage to your man with your hands will surely make him turn on. Here are certain tips you can use:

  • Try to touch him more passionately. Firstly touch him with soft hands and then, later on, grab him to hold him tightly. You may even want to try using your nails sometimes!
  • Your man’s cheeks, neck, inner thighs and the back of his head are certain areas which are much more sensitive.
  • Try to drag him with your fingers and tickle him slightly.

#3. Look your best

Remember one thing; no man likes to see his lady on some clumsy attire. I am honest over here. Guys are visual by nature, and they get turned on by what they visualize. So dress up something sexy and hot so that your man gets attracted towards you within no time.

#4. Massage his scalp

Massaging the scalp is one of those foreplay tips which is highly forgotten. However, it is one of the best ways to turn your man on. You don’t know how relaxed your man feel while you give a nice massage onto his scalp.

Keeping your hand lose, start to slowly push your fingers through his hair up towards the top of his head. When you reach the top of his head, curl your fingers slightly and gently bring them down in the opposite direction, lightly scratching his head.

#5. Learn to be a good kisser

Too many people forget about the best way to turn a man on. Yes! Kissing is the key to man’s sexual tension. With the right technique of kissing you can increase the sexual desire of your man.


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