How To Impress A Girl at a Party- 14 Tips To Follow

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Parties are a great start for socializing and make new relations with many people especially girls. However, there are some guys who feel nervous and shy to chit chat with unknown girls. But, it is not as hard you think! Being a social butterfly is really a great fun and being ‘The Man’ amongst girls is all the more exciting. If you want to know how to impress a girl, then follow this article.

Build up your confidence and talk with any girl at the party with these helpful tips. These tips on how to impress an unknown girl will help you to make a confident approach without making any mistakes. Now without further delay let’s get to know how to impress a girl.

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Tips to Approach an Unknown Girl in a Party:

1.    Assess the people

Before you go and approach a random girl, first scan the party hall. Figure out what is happening in the room. Now find a girl who is sitting alone or getting bored.

This technique is helpful as you come to know about the couples and the singles. Assessment of approach will avoid you going towards the committed ones and it really saves your time and energy too!

2.    Eye contacts

Eye contact is the way to impress an unknown girl without talking. It also helps to make sure that the girl is interested in talking with you or not. She will definitely smile if she is interested. Make sure to retain the eye contact, if it lasts longer, then it might be a signal that she is interested and wants you to approach her. If you have got this signal then approach her confidently.

3.    Secret notes

Impress a girl by sending secret love notes. If you are hesitating in approaching her directly then you can use this technique of writing a simple hi with a catchy one-liner on a tissue. If she gets angry and throws away the tissue, then take a step back and hit on another girl. But if she smiles and starts looking out for you then go on and approach her.

4.    Bartender approach

This is one of the coolest tips on how to impress an unknown girl at first sight. Take help from the bartender at the party. Send the bartender to the girl you admire with a drink and he will let her know that you admire her. If she gives a cold reply then no point in moving forward but if she smiles then approach her.

Pro tip: Do not forget to give the bartender his reward.

5.    Avoid being drunk

If you really want to know on how to impress an unknown girl in first meeting then avoid getting drunk. There are chances of you misbehaving with her. It is better to approach a girl in a sober state.

6.    Walk up and smile

So now the green signal is there, you are successful in catching her attention then walk towards her with a smile and strike the conversation with a nice hello. Your smile is necessary to make her feel comfortable and easy with you.

7.    Body language

Apart from smile being the green signal, you can also notice her body language. After seeing you if she does not correct her body posture then it is a NOT INTERESTED sign but if she sits straight with crossed legs then you are all set to go.

8.    Introduce yourself

Smile? Check! Body language? Check! Then it is the perfect time to start the conversation and introduce yourself. Start by saying like “hey myself Harvey, I saw you sitting alone in the party.”

Starting with your name does not make any conversations awkward and this is the starting step on how to talk and impress an unknown girl.

9.    Ask her questions

You can then continue the conversation by asking her name. Name asking questions helps to open up with an unknown person. Continue further by asking about the party, music and so on.

Try to ask questions, which have answers beyond yes or no. act genuinely interested in the conversation. Always keep your questions light like you can ask about her hobbies, dislikes, etc. think of those questions that can take the conversation ahead.

10.    Listen to her

Always be a good listener. Instead of waiting for your turn to talk or speak, listen to what she is saying. This will give you an insight into her nature and character. By responding politely to her talks will make her feel comfortable and she will really appreciate that you are paying attention to her talks.

11.    Avoid those uncomfortable and boring topics

Always avoid talking about topics like politics, race, gender or caste issues. These types of conversation can really bore her, at least in a party! It might also turn her off from conversing with you. Try to keep the conversation as light and smooth as possible. Say no to innocuous topics.

12.    Humour play

Being funny and witty makes most of the girls enjoy your company. This will make her easy talking to you. Make respectful jokes and funny contradictions. If by any chance you are not a funny person then you can stay polite instead. This is how to impress a girl while playing it with humor.

13.    Ask for dance

Are you a good dancer? Then you should probably ask her to groove with you. Dance is another way to come close to her. Show your best of the moves and make her get in tune with you. This is how to impress a girl with your dancing skills.

14.    A step ahead

After such a wonderful conversation and dance, you can move ahead and ask her for a phone number. Before you, part ways make sure that you exchange contact information to stay in touch. Avoid indirect questions for her contact information. You can ask like “I really enjoyed talking to you. Can I ping you later?”

Exchanging contact information is not a big deal anymore so do not hesitate or overthink.

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Approaching and talking with girls isn’t that difficult. It takes a minute when you step into a party and fall for a girl. Be confident and approach her. The only thing you need to do is make an interesting conversation with her and then make an impressive leave. So hope it is clear on how to impress a girl? Then carry on!

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