How to Impress a Boy Without Talking to Him?

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If you are thinking to impress a boy on phone, think twice before doing that. Boys are impressed with those girls whom they know very well. So make efforts to catch his attention and let him make the first move before you do.

To impress a boy on chat is the old traditional way to seek his attention. Rather you should try your hands at some new and quick tips to make yourself appealing. Your style, qualities, and confidence are enough to catch his attention. However, apart from this, there are definitely many tricks to make a boy fall for you even without talking to him. All you need is follow these easy tips to win his heart and attention.

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The best trick is to stay simple and natural when he is around. Impress a boy with what you are and not who want to be.

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Here are few tricks for you to follow to impress him and rule over his heart: 

1.    Find your talent

If you have something unique to show, then let the people notice your talent. Who knows maybe in this way the guy will get impressed. All you need is to find the hidden talent in you. Maybe you can take help of your friend to take out your inner talent.

You can be good at anything. Surfing, art, painting, dancing, singing, mathematics, etc. also you can find out what is that one thing of a girl, which impresses him the most. 

2.    Be You

Be confident and be you. Do not step out of your comfort zone. Never, I repeat never try to become what you are not to impress your crush. If he is a footballer, then do not try to play that game if it’s not your forte. You might be good at sketching, go on and impress him with your sketching talent. Maybe you can put up your stall in a fest or something so that he can really notice your talent.

It is tested that boys do not like girls who are fake or over-dramatic. They like a genuine and friendly girl, who is interested and honest about her. Some couples fight due to lack of mutual interests, and this is the reason of break ups these days. You might share different interests, but if you really have a sense of understanding, then you should try harder to seek his attention.

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3.    Look out for your clothes

It is essential to be comfortable in your own skin unless and until it does not harm you in any way. You should look confident in what you wear. But wearing something better, out of your way might help in seeking his attention. For example, if you feel cozy in wearing your jersey and jeans then for once, wear a dress or a skirt. Looking different on some days will not cause any harm. Try out changing your footwear or the bag you carry. These petty things really catch the attention of a boy.

If you are scared in wearing a new outfit publically, then try wearing at home first or send pictures to your friends for suggestions. A friend in need is a friend indeed! Once you get used to seeing the new you then you will automatically gain the confidence to wear it outside and especially in front of him.

4.    Lend a hand of help

Lending a hand of help is not like sticking your nose into everyone’s business. It is rather a good quality in a girl, which impresses a boy the most. Always keep your eye on that one opportunity in which you can help him. There are a plethora of ways to help him. Some are listed below

    Help to teach his little siblings. You can help them academically or in co-curricular front also. Give them music or paintings classes.

    If you are in touch with his family, then lend a helping hand to them. You might help them arranging for a party or something.

    You can help his friend also, obviously without looking that you are interested in his friend.

5.    Let him know you are noticing him

Boys love those girls who give them indications that they are interested in him. Laughing, blushing, winking, smiling are some indications for a boy to make him notice you like him.

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You really do not have to throw yourself at him or pretend to be captivated by whatever he says. Being bold and at the same time appealing will definitely make him fall for you. If you are attracted to someone, then do not hesitate in giving a clue.

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6.    Impress a boy by words

It is possible and very much obvious that you like the pictures of him on social media. Liking few of his statuses or images will help in seeking his attention. Impress a boy on FB wisely. He should not look at you as a desperate, clingy girl.

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Apart from liking, you can also comment on his posts. But choose your words carefully. Using decent words for a compliment is necessary.

7.    Sensual appeal

Your moves should be flirtatious, not sassy. Actions like flipping hair back to expose your neck might sensually appeal your crush. Watch out for your actions. They should not be over appealing to make you look like a desperate girl. Leaning on him in a crowd or those short body touches are some other ways to seek his attention.

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Gazing a hot guy for more than 3 seconds is no mistake. Rather it is the best way to impress a boy. If you are extra confident and bold enough, then try to gaze once more into his eyes.

Look for an opportunity and seize it to impress him. Above tricks and tips might help you only if you correctly follow them. Take help from others to help you in impressing the boy of your dreams. Who knows you might become his partner for whole life?

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