How to Get Your Ex to Forgive You?

how to get your ex gf to forgive you

While in a relationship, we often make mistakes that are grave in nature. These mistakes are a result of the moment when we begin to take our relationship for granted.  Soon, we realize what is missing in our lives once the present becomes the past. Sometimes, the intensity of mistake makes your girl/boy friend take steps to be away forever. In such cases the decision is irrevocable. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible when you have the heart and desire to attain your love back. It is said it is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret losing your partner. So here are few handy pointers that will boost you on ‘how to get your ex to forgive you.’


If your love is for real and keeps sakes, you are a winner anyway! So be true to yourself first, before you approach your lady love once again. This time it should be with more zeal and more commitment towards your partner. So rise and shine in love, instead of falling in love.


When a mistake is committed, do not justify it. Simply be sorry and accept it. Girls often give in when they realize their partner has accepted the fault. This is how to get your ex-girlfriend to forgive you. Do not ever take her love for you as just another emotion, be sincere to your words. Beware! of overdoing the emotion too as that smells fishy.


When you genuinely regret your doings, the going gets easy. Don’t just say it, but also show it on your face. Every gesture of yours should be pleading to be forgiven. This is surely going to help you on how to get your ex gf to forgive you.


All of us wish to listen to the truth, especially your partner. It is natural for your partner to believe that she/he is closest to you. So if you have lied to her/him in the past, NOT LYING to her/him now will answer how to get your ex to forgive you for lying. A bitter truth is always better than a sweet lie as it opens a gamut of emotions that do not have a history that needs to be deleted.


Since you have made some damage to your partner for either cheating or lying, it is YOU who need to be PATIENT. Understand, that if she/he accepts your apology, your relationship still needs mending. To mitigate the losses made, you must be patient, even if your partner takes you for a stride and becomes too pushy sometimes. After all, the one who forgives is bigger than all. Even if you have got the crux of how to get your boyfriend to forgive you after cheating, still take it slowly!


Try to engrave your love again on her heart by taking her to the places that you frequented with her. This gesture often melts hearts and teaches you how to make your ex-forgive you for lying. Remember that a perpetual admiration never dies, so don’t be forlorn and create the right time for you to bring back the memories that you know will make her/him smile.   


We all have our ups and downs, so make a promise to yourself that you will support your partner. Strive to be equally forgiving if ever your partner ends up in a mess. God forbid that! On a lighter note, you are now equipped to advise your friends on how to get your ex to forgive you for lying!  🙂

Although we advise you through these tips about how can you get your ex to forgive you, you must follow your heart! Experience the emotion from within your heart and just recall the time, when you had almost lost her. You will not need to fake it if you truly are charmed by her.  Be blessed!

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