How to Entertain a Girl over Text: The Power of your Words!

How to Entertain a Girl over Text

Almost everyone we know is texting these days. Be it WhatsApp, Facebook or with different platforms, everyone around us is effective with it. However theme was also right- why should boys have all the fun? You must have faced this situation before when you met a girl and then started hitting for each other. Just as you would have wished to take the relationship to the next level, your girl gets turned off and gets really bored. She must have texted you “I’m bored! Entertain me!” What would you do then? Find tips for how to entertain a girl over text from here!

Have you ever wondered how to entertain a bored girl over text and how shall it help you to get her out for a date? Follow the tips from us as we have just put things together for you to understand the feelings of a woman and what should you do and what you should not to find the best way to entertain a girl through text.

How to Entertain a Girl Over Text?

You can absolutely keep the minds of a girl just as you would have wished for to get the results of how can a guy entertain a girl over text.

#1. Using Memes

If you are just like me who would stop the work if we see memes around us, you are definitely on the verge of using fun ways to entertain a girl over text. A lot of people often find the answers to how to entertain a girl over text with the help of memes which are indeed very helpful as well.

Memes are actually shared pictures which have fun sayings in order to bring everyone into smiles. While you are sharing a conversation with her on a Social Platform, you can even send her video GIFs and also different jokes which might bring her into smiles.

#2. Avoiding emojis if she doesn’t reciprocate.

You must be thinking emojis are trending these days and I am here asking you not to use them. Why? Well! This will surely make her more excited and interested. Mostly, girls do not like boys replying via emojis.

#3. Responding to her tests fearlessly

Being responsive is what girls like. The key to getting her is keeping her engaged with interesting conversation rather than reacting to her questions. Responding is something which helps in sharing certain good and positive vibes.

#4. Not always being available

Being available all the time makes her feel unwanted. Keeping yourself at a distant is good sometimes as it will make her heart grow fonder. Try to reply after few minutes; the instant reply doesn’t make her that excited.

#5. Not setting a date/place/time to meet.

A girl needs to be pampered enough. The relationship may become boring enough if you don’t make some exciting plans to spice up the relationship. Text her about making some awesome meeting may be a romantic lunch or a candle night dinner, movie date anything. She would love to text on these kinds of topics.

Knowing how to entertain a girl over text is one of the best things that can happen to a relationship.

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