How Guys Text When They Like You: 10 Things They Do Differently

How Guys Text When They Like You: 15 Things They Do Differently

It is nearly impossible to judge what is going through a guy’s mind while they text you. Do you know how guys text when they like you? Are they behaving over-friendly or is there a different to their messages? Don’t worry! You will find the answers here.

I simply roll my eyes when I hear guys calling girls complicated. I mean like how you can be so sure of a girl being complicated only? Sure, we girls are kind of complicated, but you know what guys can be even worse. Hence it ‘s hard to read how guys text you when they like you. It has often been seen that they message you something and mean something completely different. But do you know why? Well! This is because they just do not want to be too casual. However, most of the times, their texts are difficult enough to decode. No worries! We are here for a solution. Sometimes it is even harder to know how guys text you when they like you.

Knowing how guys text you will make things go really powerful for us (girls). It will surely help you in deciding your next step towards them, how you will respond etc.

How Guys Text When They Like You: 15 Things They Do Differently

How Guys Text When They Like You: 10 Things They Do Differently

#1. He will text you first. Yes! This is the very first step that a boy does if he surely likes you. You no need to wait for a single text from him, in no time he will text you. When someone likes you, he will surely take the first step to start the conversation wth you.

#2. The second thing that I am going to tell you will simply put you in a state of shock. They will send you emojis. Shock? Yes! When a guy likes you, he will send across emojis with almost every text. You can surely assume with this, that they like you.

#3. You know what the third sign that proves he likes you is? Well! It is when you will see him talking a lot about himself. He will surely want to show you his other sides, different angles.

You need to pay full attention to whatever he is saying. If he is boasting more about his looks and money etc.likes, then it is not good; but if he tells you about his childhood memories and all, then surely he likes you.

#4. He will text you even when he is hanging out with his friends or no matter what. If a guy does this, then he is DEFINITELY into you. Who doesn’t likes to spend time with their friends but if a boy text you in between, then he without any doubt wants you.

#5. If a guy is into you, then he will surely try to keep the conversation alive. No matter what, he will want to talk with you more and more. He won’t stop talking to you be it whatsoever. It means he surely likes you and wants to talk overnight.

#6. He will want to spend some time together with you, and it makes it quite obvious that he admires you. Guys who like you will hint at hanging out. They’ll drop little lines here and there that say, “We should do that sometime.”

#7. He will not forget to text you good morning messages or good morning images not for a single day, and even goodnight messages will be a tip of the day. You’re on his mind right away in the morning and right before he sleeps.

#8. You will see him texting you a lot of “Hahas” and “Hihihis,” wait he is not crazy. It may seem to be weird, but the thing is that he wants to keep the mood light.

#9. He will give you a lot of compliments no matter how good or bad you look. For him, you will always be the most beautiful girl.

#10. You will get ample of random messages from him, the so-called out of the blue moon texts. Yes! If he likes you in reality, then he will be texting you several times a day.

Guys don’t text the same way when they like a girl. Knowing how guys text when they like you will help you know just how to act toward him. Maybe it’ll even help you make the first move.

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