Apps Like Tinder: 5 Handpicked Alternatives to Try Something New

Apps Like Tinder: 5 Handpicked Alternatives to Try Something New

Are you not impressed by your choice of the dating apps like Tinder? Have you swiped out all the options available in apps like Tinder? Well! Then there are several other alternatives for Tinder available in the market.

Trust my words; I know almost everything about Tinder. I have spent some night just staring at the screen, reading, “There is no one new around you.” Well! Even I had the same question in mind like you all- “What to do now? Wait for another profile to Popup?” That is the moment I feel like looking for some other alternatives and delete the Tinder app.

5 Handpicked Alternatives For Tinder App to Try Something New

Apps Like Tinder: 5 Handpicked Alternatives to Try Something New

Tinder is a dating app which can be downloaded from the Play Store, store, etc. It is a very well known app, and that is not at all an advantage. Trying out an app less popular doesn’t mean it is less potential to fulfill your requirements. There are many such potential dating apps available which can be the best alternatives for apps like Tinder.

#1. Hinge

This is an excellent app for those who really don’t like to communicate with new people. Yes! Hinge consider itself as the “Anti-Tinder” app as they do not allow you to connect with new people and only let you connect with the people you know. You won’t need to do any small talk because you already have that mutual connection.

#2. OKCupid

OKCupid is an app that almost everyone uses in this generation. It gives you with the real dating experience. You get to choose your kind of person as you have endless option to choose from. So filter down the ones who are interested at. Even you can do a Quickmatch based on your area, interest, etc.

#3. Loveflutter

Loveflutter is somewhat different and unique from all other dating apps. Now you must be thinking how and why it is different from other dating apps. Well! To answer your question, Loveflutter is a dating app that shows you the 140 character profile of them instead of showing the profile directly. If you like what you read, then you have an option of liking the person. If you’re not into the matching a person based on looks but rather their personality, this is it.

#4. Plenty Of Fish

Don’t you have an account on POF yet? Well! What are you doing till now? Plenty Of Fish is another popular dating app and is an excellent alternative for Tinder. It already has 70 million active members using the App. Try it once.

#5. MeetMeOutside

Are you more into outdoors? Well! Then the best option for you is to join MeetMeOutside. It helps you to meet new people of your interest outside. Based on your outside interests and your location, you will get seven new choices every day.

You don’t have to give them all a try, but you totally can. I mean, why not? You only live once, go out and have fun and try other apps like Tinder. You never know who you might meet.

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