12 Things a Woman Notices First In a Man

12 Things a Woman Notices First In a Man

From an immortal time, women concerned about men’s perception are expected to behave in a certain way. In fact, some women try their heads off to appear in the best way possible. However, this time the tables have turned and now all the men out sit straight because it is time for ladies to look out for certain things in you. Below are 12 things, which women would love to see in guys. Check out what are the things a woman notices first in a man.

12 Things a Woman Notices First In a Man

1.    Confidence

Guy if you lack confidence then it’s an automatic turn off for women. A well confident way of talking to her is the first step to win her heart. 

2.    First meeting effect

The first impression is the last impression. If you are meeting her for the first time, BEWARE! A woman notices a guy a lot in the first meeting. Therefore, remember to be as friendly and gentle as possible.

3.    Romance vs lust

A romantic trait is another point that a woman notices first in a man. Your romantic nature could be a turn on for her. Just remember to fix your eyes at the right place. Those constant eye contacts would leave a lasting impression on her. 

4.    Pay attention to your shoes

Ladies love footwear. And this is yet another thing that a woman notices first in a man. Keep your shoes or whichever footwear you are wearing neat and sparkling. 

5.    Postures

Apart from your 6” height, your entire is size is another considerable point that a woman notices first in a man. Smartness is the mantra to impress a girl. Make sure you keep your body fit and in a good posture.

6.    Manners

A man should be well acquainted with general etiquettes. So before you go out with a girl spend some time on your behavior. 

7.    Be original guys

Another fact, which a woman notices first in a man is his originality. Never ever fake yourself. Ladies are super intelligent in noticing it. So to be the man you are. 

8.    Grooming

An excellent oral hygiene is a key to a woman’s heart. Or else it would be your first and last date. Then you need to take care of your hair, body odor, cleanliness, beard, and outlook. Personal hygiene is another trait, which a woman notices first in a man.

9.    Behaviour with others

Ladies are quickly moved by your behavior with others. The way you move through a crowd, drive through heavy traffic or pushing people to reach the bar. Therefore, you need to be considerate enough in the people.

10.    Expenditure

Your spending habits matter a lot. A girl loves when her boyfriend spends on her but a sensible girl would hate heavy spenders. 

11.    Carriage

Ladies desire a guy with whom they feel safe and they judge this trait by the way you carry yourself.

12.    Composure

A straight posture gives the impression of a great and charming guy. But remember not to mix arrogance with your confidence.

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