5 Annoying Boyfriend Traits and How to Avoid Them

Annoying Boyfriend Traits

Have you ever wondered being an annoying boyfriend yourself? Well! Check out the list below and find out whether you are indulged into one of them and then rest assured that you’re an annoying kind of a boyfriend material.

Relationships as a whole are quite tricky, but there are still some instinctive left. While in love, boyfriends can be cool at times, but sometimes they might get little or more annoying.

But seriously, there are a few things that most boyfriends do that are just not excusable at all!

So are you one of them? Are you an annoying boyfriend? Here are stubborn and annoying traits of an annoying boyfriend.

#1 Take me in the ass

Whohoo! You must be thinking what I am talking all about. Well! Honestly, this is not really cool you know. Common boys, we girls are inviting you from the front door, then why the heck do you need to poke in through the back door? 

Remember, an anal bang may seem exciting after watching a lot of porno, but almost all girls hate that kind of thing.

It’s creepy and almost any woman who’s tried it would tell you she feels like rushing to the loo each time you take her by surprise.

It’s scary, knee buckling and just gross. So stop pestering your girlfriend constantly to try new things in bed that could freak her out or even scare her. Deep throat, well, that’s an annoying boyfriend question too!

#2 Exchanging glances with other girls

Well! Girls and boys, please don’t get me wrong at all as in your girlfriend might not just be caring about you stare other girls when you are alone. She might jut check out hot boys when she is alone too. But don’t do it when you are along with your girlfriend as a token of respecting her. 

After all, if you can stare at other girls when you are still with your girlfriend, then God knows what you can do behind her back? Now that’s definitely an annoying boyfriend trait.

#3 Girlfriends don’t always need a sex machine

Now, this is something that almost every girl suffered from while being a bit cozy with their boyfriends. Boys! Whenever we touch you or try to kiss you with an intense passion that doesn’t really hinting you to open up your clothes and dive into the bed. Common!!!

We do love a good romp in bed, but sometimes we just want to have a good time feeling you up. It’s not foreplay; it’s sexy cuddling and girlfriends like it!

#4 When you ask, but don’t listen

Do you take your girlfriend seriously? Think she is capable enough to give you the right advice when needed? Honestly, girls simply hate it when their boys ask for advice and then, later on, drift away and make up their own mind without even bothering what their girlfriend has said.

Straight answer, ask us a question and listen to us when we answer it. Or just don’t ask us for our opinion! We don’t like advising a damn wall.

#5 Comparing your girlfriend to someone else

Girls simply hate it if compared to other be it friends, relatives or ex. Stop comparing your girlfriend, and you will see much difference in your relationship. Stop saying her that “My ex used to dress up like this” , ” She used to care for me” etc. 

Now that kind of a conversation is never going to end well. And your girlfriend will just have one answer for you. Then go the f**k out with her! And yeah, that’s the last thing you’ll hear from her until you apologize.

So how many of these traits do you have? A few or almost everything?  Unfortunately, almost all the boyfriends find themselves in one spot or the other in the list above that somehow annoy girlfriends somehow. Judge yourself and get to know where you stand at.

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